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Welcome to the home of UDC, the command line tool for patch management on Windows machines.

UDC (Updates Deployment Commander) is a very simple tool designed to solve the complexity of centralizing and automating system updates task. It has been designed exclusively for system administrators. A portable, small-sized executable that you can run in a massive scale by remote execution, or by placing it on log-on scripts. Read more...

A little bit about UDC...

   All of this while keeping control of everything that's going on (i.e. avoid installing certain updates, generate full reports, download staging, etc).

Challenged by the task of keeping control over patches/updates of an infrastructure?  Is the centralized elephant-size enterprise-solution failing or maybe too complex to be worth of your time? UDC has been designed to facilitate the deployment and reporting of Updates on machines running the Windows Operating System, in a very simple way. All current Microsoft Windows versions are supported, on both workstation and server versions. Read more...

UDC quick example

The following command will install all updates available on Microsoft Update but will avoid installing kb977165. After the installation completes, it will wait for 5 minutes and then reboot the machine:
UDC.exe -InstallMode -excludeUpdates:977165 -reboot:5

About the Author

Hello. My name is Lucas Violini and I currently live in Argentina. I am a senior systems administrator, and also -not less important- a coffee-powered software developer.

I am also part of a startup firm that provides proffessional infrastructure consulting services - South-IT - . It focuses on operating system and database administration/support services, backup & recovery, managed services, and incident management services.