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About UDC

The task to patch MS Windows systems in a controlled manner and in a regular basis can be quite daunting sometimes.    Patches known for causing conflicts with an application -even causing a BSOD-, environments under strict change control practice, and small offices that must be up-to-date no matter what.

   UDC (Updates Deployment Commander) is a simple yet powerful command line tool to install Windows patches, just like the traditional Windows Update interface does, but giving systems administrators greater control and automation capabilities. You can select (or skip) specific updates, get a report of what's available, download/install the updates, reboot when finished, send reports to a network share on a file server, and more. 

The tool uses Windows Update Agent API, which is the internal mechanism officially provided by Microsoft to accomplish tasks related to windows updates. UDC translates all the complexity of these internal mechanisms into an easy to use set of options, so you can invoke multiple tasks in one shot!  

 Just a few of the options available:

-SearchMode = Search for updates available, according to the criteria and filters specified, but do not install or download any update.

-DownloadMode = Download those updates that match with criteria and filtering parameters specified.

-InstallMode = It will download updates (if not already) and install them, according to the criteria and filtering parameters specified.

-AllUpdates = Do not filter any update, process everything that's available.

-IncludeOnly:expression = Include only updates that match with expression (for instance, a KB number). Multiple expressions can be sepparated by commas.

-ExcludeUpdates:expression = Include all patches available, but exclude patches that match with expression (for instance, a KB number). Multiple expressions can be sepparated by commas.

-CSVOutputByColumns:[FileName.csv] = UDC will generate a report in a CSV file (FileName.csv) that you can open up with any spreadsheet editor (Excel, OpenOffice, etc).

    On a mid-size or a large infrastructure, you may already have a centralized solution in place, but maybe you want an alternative in case the Enterprise solution fails.
    Or maybe the size of the network(s) you maintain does not justify the use of an Enterprise solution that involves a central server and its maintenance costs, such as WSUS and others.

 For these cases and more, you might be looking for a tool that is simple to use, flexible, and effective. Updates Deployment Commander (UDC) is the right tool for the job.

Quick usage example

The following command will install any update available on Microsoft Update, but will avoid installing kb977165. After the installation completes, it will wait for 5 minutes and then reboot the machine:

UDC.exe -InstallMode -excludeUpdates:977165 -reboot:5

For more help and tips on usage, visit our Support section.